Keynote Speeches

Leonard has been educating, entertaining and waking up audiences for 25 years

with his trademark talk,
Brooklyn to Bel Air, The Big 5… which is based on his personal journey and transition from his family’s blue collar business to his white collar consluting practice. It also refers to going from “Working Hard to Working Smart,” which everyone relates to.

Or maybe it’s his powerful 8AM Wake Up Your Sales talk to start your confererence or his special 1-hour Reality Based Negotiating talk. One thing is for sure- your audience will learn and retain valuable sales lessons from Leonard.

Brooklyn to Bel Air, The Big 5…

Abundance vs. Scarcity

Business Owner Mentality

Consistency vs. Intensity

Questions are the Answer
Probe for Pain


Reward Setting & Patience

80/20 Prospecting in 3D

De-commoditize the
product or service

Remove the fear of
rejection, permanently

Increase the effectiveness
of prospecting


Develop & Implement
Daily, Weekly & Monthly
Sales Blueprint

Learn more about 80/20 Prospecting in 3D

Wake up Your Sales


80/20 Sales Overview

Business Owner Mentality

An Hour of Reality Based Negotiating


Questioning to shift pressure


Use of objective criteria to gain leverage


Developing a clear understanding of negotiating ground rules to build confidence

Interactively learning multiple offensive and defensive occasionally counter intuitive negotiating techniques


Learning how top negotiators respond to “Your Price is too high”


Counterintuitive strategies where going for a “No” gets you to a “Yes”