Deal Specific Closing Services

From time to time we find ourselves working on potential sales transactions that are larger than our typical deals or that have greater risks and threats associated with them.

It’s during these Special Sales Missions that we want to ensure we take every step possible and practical to help ensure a smooth, timely and profitable close to these complex negotiations,

and that’s where Mission Profitable and Leonard Atlas enter.

With 25 years of providing Executive and Sales coaching, Leonard brings that objective input, guidance, advice and strategy to help you see, think and act clearly and logically, despite the emotional pulls you feel.

We will talk or email before, during and after each major call, correspondence and meeting to ensure the best possible outcome until the deal closes or officially dies.

If the deal is large enough for you to lose sleep over, does it make sense to invest a few percent of your potential income to stack the odds in your favor so that you will close it?