The Mobile Web & Video
Has Changed Business & Sales Forever.

How are you keeping up?

Technology & Social Media have changed the dynamics of sales, the sales process, presenting, closing and following up. From pre-web, when the salesperson had the power and controlled all access to product/service info, pricing, competition reviews, etc, prospects had to request the information and salespeople had to agree to provide it.

With the web our prospects can find any information or reviews they want with a few key strokes and clicks. It’s also easier for them to hide behind their technology, making it even more difficult to reach them and follow up periodically.

Regardless if you are 22 or 52, the question shouldn’t be if you stay current with the technologies, but which array of platforms are best suited for your unique sales and marketing needs.

MPI is happy to guide you through Your Sales Technology Update Process. Any consulting or services that we can’t handle in-house we can refer you to our extensive network of technology & social media providers. Our top 2 requested services are Linked In Coaching and Videography.