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What if attending the 80/20 S.W.A.T. Workshop would prepare you (or your team) to effectively handle any prospect, client or referral, and do so in record time?

On 2/27 – 3/1, Leonard Atlas, CEO of Mission Profitable, Inc., author, coach, trainer, and Head SWAT Instructor will be conducting the 80/20 3-Day Professional Sales Solutions Workshop at the Griffin Club LA.

Attendance is limited to the first 25 enrollees.

At this workshop, attendees will learn how to:

  1. De-commoditize their product or service.
  2. Remove the fear of rejection, permanently.
  3. Increase the effectiveness of their prospecting.
  4. Shorten their Sales Cycle
  5. Never feel “trapped or pressured” by a prospect’s questions.
  6. Develop & Implement their Daily, Weekly & Monthly
Grow your sales with the next 80/20 Professional Sales Solution Workshop.
Register early and have your copy of What’s Holding Your Sales Back? sent to you to read in preparation of attending the workshop.

February 27 – March 1, 2018

Click here for more info about our event with our informative PDF download.

Broken Windows, Broken Businessbroken-window_600x290

Using the Broken Windows, Broken Business: Find ‘Em, Face ‘Em, Fix ‘Em approach, adapted from the best selling business book, Broken Windows, Broken Business by Michael Levine, this half-day workshop is taught by skilled facilitators who have more than 60 years of executive-level business training and leadership experience.  find out more…

 80/20 Sales Efficiency80 20 Sales

What’s holding back your sales? Most sales people (and their managers) blame the economy, technology and the competition. Our work with tens of thousands of people has proven differently. The title of our new book, is based on 20 years of research working with sales and non-sales professionals from all industries. It’s not what you think. find out more…

Reality-Based Negotiatingreality-based-negotiating

This multi-faceted training program incorporates all components of the negotiating environment. Trained professionals immediately identify negotiator types and how to interface with each style of negotiator. Relevant case studies of actual negotiations are interactively role played to maximize retention.  find out more…

S.W.A.T.  = Sales Words And Tactics


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